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A complete offer for all the major industrial areas of the international trade.

Chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, petrochemical, food, paper, energy, ecology and environmental industries.

For each of these areas, INOX LAGHI represents the ideal interface, a response aimed at specific requirements, which encompasses a diversified offer, constantly evolving, of technical items made of stainless steel.

A natural as well as experienced “technical talent” servicing all of the sophisticated needs of the world market.

Innovative technology and capability for a timely and qualified service.

Competitive technology and capability are the added value applied by INOX LAGHI in an intelligent manner to the manufacture of its products as well as to the efficiency of the service offered.

Trained technical-commercial staff, leading information and logistics structures, are the human and technical resources allowing to follow up and meet the customer’s requests at every stage, with punctuality and dynamism.

Productive reliability and wide availability from stock; orders will be attended to in a real time.

Reliability and high performance are imperative requirements demanded by every industrial area in the search for new products.

The plants and the modern machines with computerised numerical control, along with the high professional level of our technicians, are the best guarantee for an adequate response to this demand. Furthermore, the wide availability from stock allows for orders to be attended to in a real time, in a position to meet the market’s requirements at any time.

Our ethical code: safety on work, environment and people respect.

Up-dating training and refresh courses enable us to have a qualified and well experienced staff = added value service.

Healthy care and safety are the base of our culture and our company philosophy = no compromise

The low average age of our employments enables us to solve quickly and effectively customers’ problems: achievement reached.