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Terms of sale

1) ORDERS - Placing an order means that the Buyer fully acknowledges and integrally accepts all these sales terms. Every different term, if any, introduced by the Buyer in his purchase order is void if not expressly accepted by our company. Sales orders are to regarded as final for the Buyer. Any request for change or substitution is subject to acceptation by our company.

2) POINT OF DELIVERY - This refers to prevailing INCOTERMS. Goods travel at Buyer’s risk and peril, even if sold free point of destination.

3) DELIVERY TIME - Delivery times in our order confirmations are in working days. Such times are tentative only and are given without any warranty. Delivery times are always subject to acts of God. Any delay does not give right to either cancellation of the order or substantial modiifications to the contract.

4) NON-CONFORMITY - Any claim as to non-conformity of the goods must be communicated not later than 8 (eight) days from their receipt, which must be kept at our disposal for any verification. Should the timely claim be substantiated, our obligation is limited to the mere substitution of the goods against prior return of them which must have undergone no formal or substantial mutation. It is ruled out any right by the buyer to require termination of the contract or a price reduction and, in any case, compensation for damages and refund of expenses for any reason whatsoever. No claim can be enforced, not even as an exception in court, if payment in full of the supply has not been made.

5) RETURN - No return of goods is accepted, without our prior agreement in writing, and for unprocessed goods only.

6) PAYMENT TERMS - Must be made within the due dates as agreed. Delay in payment of the invoices will involve interest equal to the official discount rate plus 2 (two ) points.

7) PRICES - Prices are ex-works. Any escalation in prices as per official market surveys, which take place during the implementation of the order, will be charged proportionately. Freight, packing, analyses, tests and certificates will be invoiced at cost price. Invoices for supplies lower than 250,00 € (two hundred and fifty) will bear an extra charge for issueing them.

8) WARRANTIES - The materials are guaranteed by our company as fully complying with the specifications and conditions as set out in our order confirmation. However, our Company does not undertake any liability, except any other stipulation in writing, once the applications have commenced or anyhow the operations at which the material supplied is subjected by buyer or his representatives. Any certification must be requested when placing an order, anyhow not later than 10 days after delivery of the goods.

9) PURCHASE TERMS - Buyer’s Purchase Sales Terms will be binding only and when not conflicting with our General Terms of Sale herein, and accepted by our company in writing.

10) VALUE ADDED TAX - VAT is applied in accordance with the rates in force at the time of invoicing.

11) JURISDICTION - Any dispute arising as to the application, interpretation and fulfilment of this contract will be referred to the Court of Busto Arsizio (VA) and expressly accepted by the Buyer as exclusive jurisdiction.